Friday, July 3, 2009

Tomorrow Night!

So tomorrow night I am going to a friend's 18th - cocktail themed! Which is great, except its the dead of winter.

Its only at her house, so I'm not too worried about having a fancy new dress and accessories. So my darling mummy is shortening the dress she made for my Year 11 formal! As much as she didn't want to cut it, at least it will get a second wear.

A pic of what I plan on wearing tomorrow night - minus jewellery and my head, as it wasn't looking the best.

The shoes are my fave! Bought last night from Target for $28 - and I didn't have to pay for the plastic bag! Steal!

I just noticed that in the pic above the dress isn't hemmed - don't worry, it'll get done!

I also bought some accessories today, from Diva (bracelet) and Equip (headband and ring). Will feature those later.

I'm kind of getting excited now!

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